Employee Skills & Knowledge Form


Employee Skills & Knowledge Form

Please complete this Form, to the best of your ability. Start and Finish Dates don't have to be perfectly exact, although please get as close as feasibly possible, to the right Month, & Year. There are Six (6) Project locations on this Form. Although we would like you to complete all 6 of them, you must enter at least 5 of them. If you find that you are unable to complete the form in it's entirety at this time, you can save it as a "Draft". Scroll down the page, and you should see a "Save as Draft" link next to the Button.
NOTE: If you held more than one Job Position on the same Project then just press Control, and Left Click to make multiple selections.

Thank you for your time!

Chuck Williams

Project 1

To select multiple positions, hold Control, and Left Click.

Project 2

Project 3

Project 4

Project 5

Project 6

Thank you for taking the time to Complete this Form. Once you hit the "Make it Hot" Button, you will be shown a confirmation message, and the page will display the Completed Form.