Inland Diving Services

With our Inland Diving Services, Safety, and Equipment maintenance our always our highest priorities. We offer 24 and 7 support, and can mobilize within 12 hours for most Projects. We bring competent, and experienced Personnel, and excellent Equipment on every Project. Some of our capabilities are listed below:

  • Bridge Construction, Inspections and Repairs
  • ​Casino Inspections, Excavations and Repairs
  • Dock and Pier Rehabilitation, Inspections & Repairs
  • Paper Mills
  • Power Plants
  • Chemical Plants & Cooling Towers
  • Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Zebra Mussel Removal
  • Traveling Screen Inspection and Repair
  • Dam inspection and Repairs
  • Excavation & Dredging
  • Concrete & Masonry Repairs
  • Penetration Dives (2500’ capabilities)
  • Sediment Removal-Hydraulic Dredging
  • Pile Jacketing and Epoxy Injection/Application
  • Potable Water Tower and Tank Inspections
  • River and Lake Pipeline Crossing Inspection
  • Shipyard Dry Dock Support
  • Hull Inspection & Cleaning
  • ​Dock Inspection