Our Equipment


The reliability of our Jet Pumps, and Diving Equipment is critical to our success: Marlin Oilfield Divers builds, maintains and repairs the equipment critical to our success "in the house" to insure the highest quality product and to meet our goal of zero downtime. We own 14 custom built 3 Stage Peerless Jet Pumps, which are just a small sample, of our commitment to meet our Client's needs.

Recompression Chamber_sm1

The innovation of our equipment is essential to our success: Marlin Oilfield Divers designs, and fabricates our equipment to insure that the highest quality product, will be available to meet our clients needs. The Excavator, that you see in this image, is a shining example, of our goal to be a Diving Industry leader, in Innovation, Cost Effectiveness, and Safety.


All of our Equipment is loaded onto our own Trucks at our Houma Facility. This helps us, help you keep the costs down to stay within your budget. That also means less third Party Trucking charges to worry about. Our Equipment will arrive at your location, safely, and on time.


Our high performance excavators are purpose built: Designed and Fabricated by Marlin Oilfield Divers, these high performance excavators are available to all of our clients. The excavators come in several variations, that are designed to maximize their productivity to overcome most environmental, and material factors.
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