Not just Scuttlebutt, anymore...

As of March 2018, Marlin Oilfield Divers Inc., has purchased a 168' Diving Support Vessel, and she will be Christened as the MOD Fred. Yes, the Mr. Fred, or as more lately, the DC Fred has been bought by Marlin ODI. She's the same old solid 4-Point Dive Boat that she always was. Although, she is getting a bit of a facelift, and some modernization to bring her up to our speed. The DSV MOD Fred is now in Dry-Dock, and once she is released, she will be getting wet for this year's work Season, as a Marlin ODI Vessel.

More Tidbits of Info

We are welcoming Mr. Frank Watkins, to our Sales Team, and Mr. Lonnie Boudreaux to our Marine Department. They both fit in well, and will continue Marlin ODI's work, in the Deep Blue Waters of the Gulf of Mexico, and as well as the domestic Waters of the United States of America.

As of June 2018, the DSV MOD Fred, has completed Dry Dock, and has also completed her Sea Trials. She is really looking good. If I didn't know better, I'd say she was a new Vessel!

The Marlin Training Lounge is now LIVE!

Our Website is evolving from day to day. We have built an Employee Member area, where our Employee's can Login, and consult with each other,  and relay Project Safety information.

Posting Safety Notices will be a big help, keeping our entire Company informed with the latest Safety Information. Our Employees will also be able to take Online Training Courses, right on the Website.

MARCH - 2019 -

Notice to all Marlin ODI Employees - If you need your ADCI Diving Certification renewed, or need to get your Certification, go to the ADCI Website, and complete an Application for  your renewal, or for a new Diving Certification.