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Marlin Oilfield Divers, Inc. provides marine construction, diving, remotely operated vehicles (ROV), vessel charter services, and expertise tailored to your marine or inland requirements. Marlin Oilfield Divers, Inc., maintains a staff of well-trained and experienced diving professionals who are dedicated to meeting client needs in demanding environments.

Since 2006, Marlin Oilfield Divers, Inc., has become an innovative provider in the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry, while providing comprehensive inland and offshore services. Marlin Oilfield Divers, Inc., develops permanent relationships with our clients by exceeding their expectations through their exceptional work and performing in a safe, secure, and proficient manner. Operating at depths to 300’ feet, our dedicated and attentive personnel pool of over 40 divers and technicians provide specialized services to the US domestic market and select international areas.